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inDriver Reaches 50 Million Downloads

Hello inReaders!

It’s official! The inDriver app recently hit 50 million downloads worldwide! And that number continues to grow!

inDriver’s rapid global expansion and growth is evidence of something very important which people all around the world value very deeply. That is the desire to have greater fairness, equality and transparency in the way ride-hailing is done.

You see, we are the world’s only ride-hailing service which allows passengers and drivers to do business with each other as equals. Together they agree on what’s a fair price to pay for a ride. In addition, drivers have complete freedom to make their own decisions about who they give rides to. And passengers also have the freedom to choose their own drivers. 

So no more sudden and non-negotiable price increases given to you by nameless faces. And no more situations where you have no say in who you give rides to or who you get rides from.

The future is you! And at inDriver we see that future bright and clear!

Here’s to freedom in the hands of many more users to come!