Couriers with no middleman

Fast, convenient delivery at your price, without filling out complex forms and papers.

For our user

You offer a price yourself

You decide for yourself how much to pay for the service. Create an order in the app, set a fair price and find a courier at your own price.

Convenience and speed

Send packages of up to 20kg at any time of the day. Order goods in stores via courier, with home delivery.

Secure delivery

Use the service without leaving your home or office. Our couriers will deliver your package door to door. Fast and safe.

For business owners

Couriers around the clock

Increase your customer loyalty with fast 24/7 delivery. The more satisfied customers, the more your business grows.

Order in the app

Place your order in a couple of taps, without complicated mechanisms and multiple documents. You focus on your business, and we'll take care of delivery.

Couriers always available

Choose the nearest free couriers from the hundreds offered in the app. Your time is money: Save yourself time.

Get more information

Post a query, we will contact you.

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Set the route

Where to deliver the package from and where to.

Offer a price

Indicate a fair price that you are willing to pay the courier.

Add a description

Describe the delivery details. For example, «pick up keys and deliver them». Include the recipient’s contact number so that the courier can contact them.

If necessary, call

To clarify the details verbally, call the courier via the app.