Our mission: we improve lives of people around the world by giving the freedom of choice and the ability to determine the most suitable terms for the ride, also protecting them from dictate and from price manipulation.

History: inDriver was founded in Yakutsk, the coldest city in the coldest place in the world - Siberia. In 2012, during the New Year's holidays, the temperature dropped below -45C and local taxi drivers simultaneously doubled the cost of trips around the city. Then, on the wave of people's indignation, college students have created a group "Independent drivers, indrivers" in the social network "VKontakte". Participants of the group published where they wanted to go and the price that they were willing to pay for the trip, drivers contacted customers and carried out orders. In just six months, 50,000 participants joined the group, and it continued to grow. A year later the group became part of the company "Sinet", which developed on its basis a high-tech peer-to-peer transportation service. This is how inDriver was born, from the first day opposing the dictates of centralized services and taxi services.
All ride terms are determined in the course of instant bargain between drivers and passengers, without using opaque, closed algorithms prone to price manipulation.
The cost of rides with inDriver is always lower, because the Real Time Deals model helps to set the optimal cost for a passenger and driver in every single second.
Payments are made directly from passengers to drivers with cash and non-cash ways. This allows to reduce costs and maintain lower tariffs in the system.

inDriver gives freedom of choice to 24 million people worldwide
inDriver works both in small towns with a population of 7-8 thousand inhabitants, often with weak Internet and without maps of the settlement, and in the large megacities with the highest level of competition, inDriver successfully adapts to the needs of local people of any populated area.

Today, inDriver is one of the top 10 ride-hailing and taxi apps worldwide by downloads.

The company continues its active international expansion, allowing more and more users to determine optimal ride terms and protect them from price manipulation.
24 000 000
300 000 000
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