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Are Robotaxis The Future?

16 August 2020

Hello inReaders! 

Every day, technology advances at lighting speed! With every passing moment, human ingenuity works tirelessly to create tomorrow. And one of the big innovations in development at the moment is the self-driving car. So it’s only natural to ask whether self-driving cars and “robotaxis” are really the future of transport. 

Many people believe that self-driving cars will dominate the world’s roads in the near future. And they all refer to our current levels of technology to make that prediction.

But there is one very important factor to consider here: Ourselves. 

For instance, imagine that our current levels of technology allowed for fleets of fully functional self-driving taxis which could hit the roads tomorrow. Would you honestly use them? 

Today, most people are not comfortable with self-driving cars. Take America for example. It’s one of the countries with the most research and development into self-driving cars. And yet earlier this year, a survey conducted by the American Automobile Association showed that only 12% of Americans would trust a self-driving car. Also, another recent survey by Partners for Automated Vehicle Education found that a whopping 48% of Americans would never get into a self-driving car. 

What these statistics remind us is that technology ultimately depends on our willingness to actually use it. You see, many of us look to technological ability alone to predict the future. But we often forget that to invent something is only the first step. The most important step is whether we actually accept it.

So are robotaxis the future? As things currently stand, the answer is no. 

But who knows! The choice is yours.


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