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The World’s Most Expensive Taxi Ride

Hello inReaders!

What is the most money you ever spent on a taxi ride? Was it anywhere close to $105 000.00?

No? Well that’s the approximate ride fare which three Englishmen racked up on their taxi meter when in 2012 they broke the world record for the longest taxi journey. 

The idea to buy a taxi cab and run up the world’s longest and most expensive taxi ride came along one evening while the three friends were in a cab on their ways home after a night out. Yep. Because as we all know, it’s the tipsy ideas that are the best ones. Well maybe...

The three men traveled through 50 countries on 4 continents in a 20-year old cab named Hannah. In total, they covered just over 69 500 kilometers over a period of 15 months.

The cab they drove in was one of those classic black cabs you find in London. You know, the ones in the movies with those iconic bubble-like roofs. 

In addition to the world record for the longest taxi trip, they also broke the world record for the highest altitude ever reached by a taxi. They reached a height of over 5km when they traveled over a mountain pass in China. 

So what do you think about that price? Cash or card?


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