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The Power Of Conversation

15 September 2020

In order to be considerate and professional, drivers usually don’t engage in conversation first when a passenger gets in for a ride. So what many passengers then do is just just keep quiet. But this is a mistake! Conversation can be great! And we don’t just say that. It really can benefit you. 

Research suggests that people who engage in conversations with others during commutes are more likely to enjoy their trip. And this is the case even when those people believe that conversations with strangers will be awkward or annoying. Other research suggests that to engage in small conversations with strangers during one’s day as opposed to a “straight-to-business” mindset can literally increase feelings of happiness. 

This isn’t surprising. After all, we as humans are social beings. And so social interactions are vital to our well-being. 

To talk with different people around us can constantly remind us that we are all real people with real lives and not just automated robots. We all have thoughts, feelings, and dreams. Ultimately, we’re all the same. This can help us feel connected. It helps us to never feel truly alone. And as humans, this is extremely important.

Someone to talk to is a great way to recharge. It literally has the power to make us feel better. A simple conversation can brighten up your day. And it can brighten up the other person’s day too. So next time you’re on a ride, don’t be shy! Spark a brief conversation. Chances are that both of you will part ways in a much better mood. 


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