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How to get through COVID-19 crisis as a cab driver

The world is going through tough times right now. Ways in which we communicate, work and move around the city are changing, and we need to adapt to this new reality. As a driver, you might be experiencing a drop in earnings. However hard it might be, know that a lot of people are in the same boat right now and do you best to stay afloat during this uncertain time. Here are a few things that you might do. 

Safety is your priority

Know that your health is priceless, and if you can, reduce your workload and stay home as much as you can to avoid risks. If you choose to work, use tools of personal protection - masks, gloves, antibacterial gels. Disinfect your car before each new ride and pay special attention to the interiors of the car, seats, door handles. Avoid direct contact with passengers and prioritize contactless payments. 

Find passengers in new places  

During lockdown, you may not have your usual clients like office workers always in a rush to get from one meeting to another, or bar crawlers late at night. But there are places where you can still find passengers and help them avoid exposing themselves to risks while walking or taking public transportation. Go to places like grocery stores and hospitals and stay around the area in case ride requests pop up. You can take active part in fighting the pandemic by helping doctors and nurses get to and from work for free or for a reduced price. 

Diversify your work

While the number of usual cab rides is declining, there may be new ways to earn money with you car, such as delivery services. Take some time to research new programs that may have been created in your city due to Covid-19. For instance, in New York some drivers deliver food to elderly and disabled people. Many find it a great way to earn money while feeling safer with protection and no-contact delivery. You can even approach shops and businesses in your city to know if they need a car for delivery, and they can have you on speed dial in case they do. 

Follow guidelines

Don’t forget to always follow official guidelines from the government. Depending on country and city different rules apply. With the situation fast changing, new restrictions may be installed every day. Be mindful of these and avoid risking your health and safety on the job. 

Remember, all hardships are temporary and do the best with what you have. Better times will come, and for now take care of yourself and stay safe, healthy and protected.