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Your Professional Future after Covid-19

The pandemic of Covid-19 has definitely shaken up our usual ways.

The world as we know it might be gone for good and once the crisis is over, a new reality is probably waiting for us. Let’s try and see in what ways the current situation is changing professional world and working environment and how we can prepare for that change. 

1. Essential workers reevaluated 

People who have always been making our daily life possible - healthcare professionals, but also post office workers, cashiers, couriers, taxi drivers, are now more than ever the main pillar of our society. When everything else stopped, they kept on working on the frontline. The pandemic definitely will change how the society see work of these professionals, both financially and appreciation-wise. Let’s hope this crisis will endorse equality, mutual respect and a decent level of life for everyone. All workers need to be seen and appreciated equally. Let’s support and respect each other in every way we can. 

2. E-business on the rise 

With digital revolution underway for dozens of years, digital platforms are now crucial for businesses, both for internal communication and working with clients. Thus, businesses with online platforms are handling the crisis way better because they already had the tools they could rely on during this challenging time. Online-shopping and delivery are now a necessity. Many small businesses are suffering greatly of lacking digital presence at this time and having to urgently catch up with other, more advanced online options. If you’re a business owner, take this time to develop your digital presence to be up to date with the changing world. 

3. Side hustle is your safety net 

With Covid-19 sending world economy into a downward spiral, people are losing their most stable jobs or are experiencing paycheck cuts. The concept of having a “safe” job is changing completely. This is why it is so important to start doing something you were always going to do - learn these new skills, start that project while you have time right now to be prepared for the unexpected. Diversify your skills, explore your potential. You never know when a part-time job or an independent project may help you get through a financially challenging time. 

4. Time-management is the key 

Now that so many of us are left to our own devices, it is up to us to organize our days in a healthy and efficient way. Take time to eat healthy meals and unwind, build a suitable schedule for yourself. It may not be a 9 to 5 for you (in fact, many companies are reevaluating working hours right now). Maintain a work/life balance and set boundaries for yourself, even if you work “on demand”, as a driver or a courier. 

5. Learning new ways to communicate 

At this time while we are social-distancing, it is important to still be able to connect to others. We find ourselves communicating to people from other backgrounds and environments all over the world through social media and many beautiful projects that bring us together during the pandemic. Don’t lose it once life is back to normal - use your digital tools to the fullest, find communities of fellow professionals to share your experience and advice and you will see your mindset expand beyond your usual circle. 

Stay safe, follow guidelines for hygiene and protection and don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s normal to be a little laid back because of all of the stress and the unknown. Use this time to gather force and knowledge to make yourself better and prepare for the future!