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Our English Blog Is Now Officially Open

19 May 2020

Hello inReaders!

Welcome to the inDriver Blog (the place to be for all content about and around inDriver). 

This week's post is a very special one because it is inDriver’s very first blog post on its newly created English blog! Hooray!

So to mark this special occasion, we thought we’d start off with a brief description of who we are, how we work and where we’re headed. 

Who we are: 

inDriver is a global ride-hailing service which is headquartered in Mountain View, California (affectionately known as Silicon Valley). We currently operate in 31 countries (spread all over the globe) in over 300 cities and have 49 million users.

Our story: 

It all began in the remote Siberian city of Yakutsk, Russia (population: 300 000).

It was the New Year holidays of 2012. And temperatures dropped to below –45°C (yes, it gets that cold in Yakutsk). This meant that people were more likely to use taxis. But taxi companies in the city saw this as an opportunity to raise their prices to unaffordable levels.

The students in the city were very upset with this. So they decided to create their own ride-hailing group on a Russian social network. They named the group Independent Drivers (indrivers). 

In this group, members would publish their routes and how much they were willing to pay. And after that drivers would contact them to complete their requests.

Just six months after the group was created, it already had 60 000 members (and that number continued to grow every day). One year after its creation, the group moved to the Sinet company which created a highly trusted high-tech service based on the group's model. 

This is how inDriver (and its app) was born.

Our mission: 

We began as a group which stood against the overpowered authority of local centralized taxi-services. And we continue our commitment to this cause on the global stage. 

Our mission is to create an environment in which all of you (passengers as well as drivers) can interact with each other more equally. And to do that, we strive to provide what you all value most: a voice and a choice. 

How we work: 

On our app, passengers set their own prices for their selected routes. And nearby drivers are sent these routes along with their offered prices. These drivers can then choose to either accept these offers, bargain for more money, or simply skip the order if they don’t like it.

If they choose to accept the offer or want to make counter-offers, the passenger will be sent a list of all these drivers. The passenger can then choose their driver from this list based on various factors such as the offered price, driver rating, estimated time of arrival and vehicle make.

With our unique business model, both passengers and drivers have more say in the way business is done. It is about greater equality and respect for each other. 

Where we are today:

inDriver is a global hit! We operate in several major corners of the globe (such as Africa, Asia, South America and more). And we are already one of the top-3 ride-hailing apps in the world (by downloads). 

Where we’re headed: 

With each passing day, inDriver continues to grow. We continue to give more and more people around the world the freedom to make their own decisions. And we continue to free them from the manipulative tactics used in our industry (such as sudden and unexpected non-negotiable price increases or hidden routes).

So if inDriver is already available in your area, download the app and give it a try! 


Like what we stand for? Then follow this space and keep an eye out for our next post! 

Peace out, inReaders!