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Safe And Secure: How inDriver Looks Out For You

Hello, inReaders! 

The world is not a perfect place. This is why we at inDriver do everything we can to ensure that all of you are as safe as possible during your trips.  

In this post, we’ll show you exactly how we do that.  

Passenger Safety And Security

Passengers are kept as safe and secure as possible in the following ways: 

1. We have a verification process for drivers

All our drivers must pass a mandatory document-verification process when they register. This can act as a security filter.

2. We have geo-tracking 

All trips on our service are geo-tracked so that we know exactly where you are all the time.

You can even “geo-tag” your trip’s car and send a link to your friends and family. With it, they will be able to see information about your driver as well as your exact location during your trip. 

3. Orders are recorded and stored

All of inDriver’s orders are securely stored and easily retrievable. This allows us to identify the cars and drivers of previous orders and to investigate any complaints from passengers. 

Order histories also make it much easier for you to retrieve any items which you accidentally forgot in a driver’s car. 

Reminder: If you do forget something in a driver’s car, simply write to us on our app through the "Support" tab. Indicate the date and the route of the trip and give a description of the forgotten item. Our support service will then contact the relevant driver and make sure that the item is successfully located and returned. 

4. We have an in-app panic button

Our app has a panic-button feature to get you in contact with the police. So if ever you feel in danger, you can use it to quickly dial for help. 

5. We only allow one account per driver

For safety reasons, we only allow users to use their own accounts. This means that using any account other than one’s own account is strictly prohibited by our rules. 

In order to enforce this rule, we have a photo-control feature. With this feature, drivers provide their photos as well as photos of their cars. Passengers can then use these photos to confirm that the driver they selected for their ride is actually who they claim to be. They can also use them to confirm that their car is actually the car indicated on the app. 

Reminder: If a driver or a car does not match their photos on the app, or if their car, you can refuse the trip. In fact, we strongly recommend that you do this and then immediately contact our customer support. Alternatively, you can leave a comment in your order history with the “other car / driver” tag. From these complaints, we will investigate. And if a violation is determined, we will block the driver’s account from our service. 

6. We only allow one trip at a time

To ensure maximum safety for passengers during trips, we do not allow drivers to transport passengers from different orders at the same time. The presence of any strangers during your trips is not allowed. The only people that should be in the car are you, your accompanying passengers, and your driver.

Reminder: If there's someone in your ride who you didn't expect, then we ask that you tell us about it. Contact us either through the app or by email at support@indriver.com. Remember to include the date and route of the trip.

Driver Safety And Security

And now on to our valued drivers! Your safety and security is just as important to us, which is why we have the following features in place to ensure that: 

1. We offer transparency

One of the key features of inDriver is that drivers can see the entire route of a passenger’s requested trip. In other words, you can see the start point as well as the endpoint. 

In order to ensure your safety, we strongly believe that you as drivers deserve to know where you are asked to go before you accept a trip. After all, how else can you make an informed choice without such information? 

In addition to this feature, inDriver has a passenger-rating feature. With this, drivers on our app can rate passengers. This can help you as drivers to make an even more informed decision about the safety of trips.

2. Our drivers also have an in-app panic button 

Our app’s panic-button feature is not just for passengers. It is also available to you as drivers. So if ever you feel in danger, you too can quickly dial for help.


As you can see, we take the safety of all our users very seriously. So if it’s greater peace of mind you want during your trips, then inDriver is definitely the service for you. 

Don’t already have the inDriver app? No problem! It’s easy to get! You can download it from Google’s Play Store as well as from Apple’s App Store for free. 

Peace out, inReaders!