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Why Is inDriver So Different?

Hello inReaders! 

Most of you know about the standard pricing system which most ride-hailing services use. It’s a system of non-negotiable prices that can suddenly increase without notice. And there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. You might wonder why inDriver doesn’t do something like this. 

In today’s article, we’ll explain why.


When the Internet was first created, it was mostly a place for “computer geeks” and scientists. But soon afterward, businesses realized that it had great potential. So they began to use the internet as a tool to connect themselves directly with consumers. 

The problem here is that these businesses only saw the Internet as a one-way channel of communication. They thought that the Internet was simply a place for them to sell their products and services quickly and conveniently at fixed prices. In other words, the customer had no voice. 

Today, this strategy is pretty much the same. But it’s now in an evolved form. AI (Artificial Intelligence) is now the new dictator of modern business. It has algorithms that use their superhuman abilities to continually manipulate non-negotiable prices to ensure maximum profits. This means that a price can be quickly changed at any moment to try to get as much money as possible. And there is nothing a customer can do about it. In other words, the customer still doesn’t have a voice. 

But the Internet was never supposed to be a one-way channel of communication for business. And inDriver’s story proves that.


In 2012 in Yakutsk, Russia, the winter was extremely cold. Traditional taxi services knew that people would not walk outside. So they decided to exploit their desperation in order to make more profit. They increased their prices to unaffordable levels.

The people of Yakutsk weren’t happy with this. They had no voice. And for a moment they felt helpless. But then came a eureka moment. People began to realize that the Internet had the potential to connect them in a way that businesses ignored. They saw the two-way channel. So they got together to form a social-network group which passengers and private drivers could join. On it, they could negotiate with each other in real time to get the fairest deals on rides. 

Bingo! A solution was found. And now customers finally had a voice. 

From an informal social-network group in a small Siberian city, we grew into a worldwide high-tech application. And today, we’re one of the top ride-hailing apps in the world by downloads. 


We believe that technology should be used to help bring us all closer together. It should promote greater freedom, equality, fairness, and transparency. And this is exactly what inDriver did and continues to do through its unique pricing system. 

At inDriver, we seek to create a better future in the way business is done. We bring drivers and passengers together as equals. We restore the humanity of business.

This is why we have the system we do. It’s why we’re so different from other services.