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Safety guidelines while providing ride-hailing services

On 1 May, the government announced the implementation of a Conditional Movement Control Order (MCO) which allows for certain businesses to start operating beginning 4 May, provided they follow strict standard operating procedures. Following the announcement of the conditional MCO, the Ministry of Transport has also provided updated guidelines for the operation of ride hailing services:

  • Ride-hailing services are allowed to transport passengers from 6 am to 11 pm.

  • Ride-hailing services are only allowed to carry two passengers at a time.

  • Passengers must sit in the back seat of the vehicle.

  • Encouraging contactless payment - Encouraging the use of online payment and not cash

  • Encouraging the use of hand sanitizer - Drivers are encouraged to use hand sanitizer before picking up passengers and after passengers have disembarked from their vehicles. Passengers are also encouraged to use hand sanitizer before getting into the vehicle and after alighting.

  • Drivers and passengers need to wear face masks.

As the government moves toward slowly easing up MCO restrictions, it is more important than ever for ride-hailing drivers to continue practicing strict precautionary measures to ensure the well-being of both themselves and the passengers.

As front liners, drivers are at high risks of contracting COVID-19 as they could be carrying passengers who have symptoms, as well as being in a confined space. The Ministry of Health has provided a guideline to minimize those risks and keep ride-hailing drivers safe:

  • As front liners, drivers need to wear mask at all times

  • Wind down window screen for air circulation if necessary

  • Advise passengers who exhibit symptoms to wear a mask

  • Provide tissue, hand sanitizer and covered rubbish bin in their vehicles

  • Disinfect interior and exterior surfaces after alighting passengers

Meanwhile, passengers are also advised to practice preventive measures while using ride-hailing services:

  • Wear face masked if they have respiratory symptoms such as cough, fever, and sneeze

  • Cover the mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing. Immediately dispose of the used tissue into a covered bin or plastic bag and thoroughly sanitize hands.

  • Ask the driver to open the window if necessary

Our fight against COVID-19 is still far from over. While the government has decided to gradually kickstart economic activities, please remember that the MCO is still in effect until 9 June. Stay at home to keep yourself and your family safe and only go for necessary travels.