inDriver - Independence Driver

Freedom of choice with inDriver

inDriver’s Vision

People and Communities around the world should have equal opportunities for development and prosperity

inDriver’s Mission

Challenging injustice

inDriver’s Values:

People come first

  • Openness and mutual support
  • To lead by example, to do no evil
  • Personal growth and development
  • A positive attitude and lust for life


  • Common sense and intelligence
  • Accuracy
  • Professionalism
  • Fast communication, flexibility


  • Commitment and engagement
  • Honesty and direct feedback
  • Responsibility
  • Courage and initiative

About us

inDriver began as an exercise in justice. In the northern city of Yakutsk, taxi drivers would double their fares when the temperature dropped. And there, in eastern Siberia, the temperature dropped often. So passengers banded together and demanded fairness and transparency in their mobility solutions, values which power inDriver to this day.

Our unique approach to mobility solutions enables choice, while retaining a human element. Through our ride-hailing platform, passengers and drivers are free to negotiate the terms of their interaction, which may be based on price, route or other factors. inDriver challenges many injustices that characterize mobility needs, including impersonal algorithms, onerous conditions on drivers, and price manipulation.

Today, inDriver is the world's fastest-growing online ride-hailing service. The app has been downloaded over 145 million times, making it the world’s second most downloaded mobility app. The service is available in 626+ cities in 42 countries.

inDriver is based in Mountain View, California, and employs over 1,900 people throughout the world. In early 2021, inDriver achieved unicorn status after closing a $150m investment round with Insight Partners, General Catalyst, and Bond Capital, which valued the company at $1.23 billion.

inDriver is committed to promoting justice through other businesses and in communities around the world. Aside from mobility solutions, we offer other services, including intercity transportation, freight and cargo services, as well as delivery in different markets of operations. Through our charitable efforts, inDriver engages with our communities to support access to education, physical well-being and other initiatives. At inDriver, mobility is more than simply moving from one point to the next; it is outward and upward as well.

inDriver gives freedom of choice to 0 million people around the world

inDriver operates in the largest metropolitan areas with the highest levels of competition. It also operates in small villages with a population of between just seven to eight-thousand residents (which often have very weak internet connections and no maps). We are therefore proven to be able to successfully adapt to the needs of residents of any village, town or city. Today, inDriver is one of the top-5 international passenger-services worldwide. The company continues its active international expansion, providing an increasing number of users with the opportunity to determine their optimal travel terms and protecting them from price manipulation.







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Transparent terms

All ride terms are determined during instant transactions between drivers and passengers. This is done without using any ambiguous, closed algorithms subject to price manipulation.

Cost is always lower

The cost of rides with inDriver is always lower. This is because the real-time-deals model helps us set optimal costs for passengers and drivers every single second.

Direct payments

Passengers pay drivers directly (by cash or by card). This allows us to reduce costs and maintain lower fares in the system.

We improve ourselves to improve the world!

One of the main corporate values of Sinet Team is caring for others. Back in 2012, this value and the team’s mission to keep improving the world took shape in the form of a social project that changed and continues to change the lives of many Yakutian children (as well as many children around the world) for the better.

BeginIT is a social educational project whose goal is to provide career guidance in the field of new technologies to capable children from orphanages, boarding schools for orphans and rural schools.