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Our mission

We give back what you value most: freedom of choice. Every day we give you (and millions of others around the world) the freedom to make your own decisions. We free you from the manipulations of global corporations that impose non-negotiable terms.

Our values

  • We bring value
  • We inspire personal and professional growth
  • We are independent, proactive and caring
  • We are more than just a team. We take care of each other
  • We are honest and responsible
  • We are efficient. We can do more with less
  • We respond quickly. And we act with intention
  • We are focused on the results


It was the New Year holidays of 2012 in the Russian city of Yakutsk (the coldest city in the world). Temperatures dropped below –45°C. This meant that people were more likely to use taxis. Taxi companies in the city saw this as an opportunity to raise their prices to unaffordable levels. The students in the city were very upset with this. So they decided to create their own ride-hailing group on the Russian social network known as VK. They named the group Independent Drivers (indrivers). Members of the group would publish their routes and how much they were willing to pay. After that drivers would contact them and complete their requests. Just six months later the group already had 60 000 members (and that number continued to grow every day). One year after its creation, the group transitioned to the Sinet company which created a high-tech peer-to-peer transportation service based on the group's model. This is how inDriver was born. So as you can see, inDriver started as a group which stood against the inflexible authority of centralised taxi services. And it continues to stand against them to this day.

inDriver gives freedom of choice to 50 million people around the world

inDriver operates in the largest metropolitan areas with the highest levels of competition. It also operates in small villages with a population of between just seven to eight-thousand residents (which often have very weak internet connections and no maps). We are therefore proven to be able to successfully adapt to the needs of residents of any village, town or city. Today, inDriver is one of the top-5 international passenger-services worldwide. The company continues its active international expansion, providing an increasing number of users with the opportunity to determine their optimal travel terms and protecting them from price manipulation.

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Transparent terms

All ride terms are determined during instant transactions between drivers and passengers. This is done without using any ambiguous, closed algorithms subject to price manipulation.

Cost is always lower

The cost of rides with inDriver is always lower. This is because the real-time-deals model helps us set optimal costs for passengers and drivers every single second.

Direct payments

Passengers pay drivers directly (by cash or by card). This allows us to reduce costs and maintain lower fares in the system.

We improve ourselves to improve the world!

One of the main corporate values of Sinet Team is caring for others. Back in 2012, this value and the team’s mission to keep improving the world took shape in the form of a social project that changed and continues to change the lives of many Yakutian children (as well as many children around the world) for the better.

BeginIT is a social educational project whose goal is to provide career guidance in the field of new technologies to capable children from orphanages, boarding schools for orphans and rural schools.