Intercity rides at your price

Discover hundreds of intercity routes. Find highly-rated drivers and co-passengers. Catch affordable rides that will save you money.

So, why choose us?

You offer the price

With inDriver, you are the one who decides on how much to pay for your ride. Specify a fair price for your route, get offers from drivers and start saving on rides!

Convenient vehicle search

View all available offers from drivers, send several requests at the same time and receive instant notifications about planned trips along your route

Verified drivers

Our service includes highly experienced drivers who completed a full document-verification process. Regular drivers have a minimum of three years driving experience and our bus/minibus drivers have a minimum of 5 years driving experience

How does it work?

Find a car for your route

Specify the route and date of your ride and view all available offers from drivers.

Select the best offer

Select the best driver-offer in terms of the price, vehicle brand and the number of available seats.

Offer your price

Send requests to multiple drivers at once, specify additional ride terms and offer your price.

Why drivers choose inDriver

Profitable intercity rides

Set a price for your trip and receive requests from passengers.

No middlemen

Get paid directly by passengers immediately after their rides are complete.

Easy registration

Complete a simple online registration and get access to ride requests that will make you money within a day.

Why we are safe

Verified drivers

Ride requests can only be completed by drivers whose documents were fully verified online. Drivers of category B vehicles must have at least 3 years of driving experience and drivers of category D vehicles must have at least 5 years of driving experience.

Choose your driver

You are the one who chooses the best offer based on drivers' ratings and the numbers of previous rides which they completed.