Take freedom into your own hands

We give people one of the most important things in life - freedom. Every day, our users make their own choices and close deals on transparent and honest terms, without middlemen.

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So, why choose us?

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Offer your fare

With inDriver, you are the one who decides on how much to pay for your ride. Specify a fair price for your route, get offers from drivers and start saving on rides!

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Freedom of choice

Select the best offers from drivers in terms of the price, vehicle brand and estimated arrival time. Experience true freedom.

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Know who your driver will be

inDriver always shows you the rating of each driver who responds. It also shows you the number of previous trips which they completed. You are the one who chooses the driver for your rides. You can even share your ride info and current location directly on the app. You are in control.

How does it work?

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Save on rides

With inDriver, you can book rides way cheaper! Say no to compulsory rates and high-demand manipulations.

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Offer your own price

Specify the route and a fair price that you are ready to pay.

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Select the best driver offer

View all the offers that you receive and select the one that suits you best in terms of the price, vehicle brand, estimated arrival time and driver rating.

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Average vehicle arrival time: 5 minutes

We will show your driver's current location on the map.

Why drivers choose inDriver

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Offer your own price

Our service payment is always lower than that of our competitors, and it is never higher than 9.5%.

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Only accept requests that make money

inDriver always shows the total cost of the ride as well as its destination. Don't like a passenger's price? Then offer your own right on the app!

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No middlemen

Get paid directly by passengers at the end of their rides. There's no need to wait for payments anymore.

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Easy registration

Complete a simple online registration and get access to ride requests that will make you money within a day.

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Why we are safe

Verified drivers

Ride requests can only be completed by drivers whose documents were fully verified online.

Choose your driver

You are the one who chooses the best offer based on drivers` ratings and the numbers of previous rides which they completed.

Stay in control of your ride

The application has a safety button. You can use it to share with your family members and friends the name of your driver, data about the vehicle, route and current location.

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How can I set a price if I haven’t taken this route?

Can I pay by card?

What is a passenger rating?

Are cars equipped with child seats?

How to delete an account?

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The inDriver online passenger transportation aggregator is not a taxi service and is not involved in the relationship of Users. All requests are created, sent and performed by users independently.