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Freight services at your price

Find a freight vehicle at the best available price.

Become a driver

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Why we are better

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You offer the price

Select the best carriage option from the offers sent by drivers.

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Any type of cargo

With inDriver, you are the one who decides on how much to pay for the freight carriage. Specify a fair price for your route and get offers directly from drivers.

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Fast search

Transport any cargo. Choose the vehicle you need (a car, a truck, or anything in between).

How does it work?

1 Create a request and find a suitable vehicle

You can request a vehicle by providing info about the freight and route. You can offer your own price or you can choose one of the available vehicles.

2 Select an offer

Drivers can respond to your request with their own price. Choose the best option, call the driver and wait for them to call you back.

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Why drivers choose inDriver

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Only profitable orders

Choose the most interesting orders. And if you’re not satisfied with any offered price, you can offer your own price directly on the app!

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Without intermediaries

Receive payments directly from passengers immediately after completed rides.

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Easy to start

Simply register online and you will have access to profitable orders within 24 hours.


In order to submit a request, you need to specify the route with pick-up and destination locations. After that you offer your price and specify (in the request notes) what exactly it is you want to be transported. Here you should include important details such as weights and dimensions. You can also use the “Available Vehicles” tab to select an appropriate option for carrying your cargo.

To receive access to requests, you need to place an ad in “Available Vehicles”. Describe your vehicle in detail and indicate the price of the service that you offer. After you add your offer, you can start sending requests to clients. You will be able to call a passenger after they confirm a request.

The “Available Vehicles” tab only shows the last 100 current requests of drivers. It could be that your request is still active, but it went down the list because a certain amount of time passed after it was created. For more information, please contact our support service at 8 (800) 600-95-60 in Russia, +7 (727) 350-59-82 in Kazakhstan or via the “Support” tab in the application.